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Heart Worm Disease

Q & A about Heart Worms

Heart worm information and treatment options

Heart Worm information and Ivermectin Information

Holistic treatment and prevention for heart worms

Alternative sterilization options 

Ovary-sparing spay information for female dogs.

Facebook Group Files filled with educational links in regard to OSS / Vasectomy

Brookwood Animal Clinic and Laser Surgery Center of Jackson GA who preforms vasectomies and Ovary-sparing spays. Contact them for more information and prices.

Dog Nutrition

What you feed your dog can drastically affect their health and overall well being. If you believe the only difference in dog foods is the price tag, you are far from right!
What is in your dog's food could be the main reason your dog is scratching, smelly, has dandruff and dry skin, develops arthritis and even cancer! The main food allergies in dogs and the most popular ingredients in grocery store dog foods are Corn, Wheat and Soy. Dogs are not meant to eat grains nor have they evolved to digest it. "Dog Food" has only been around for about 100 years which is not long enough to change a dog's digestive tract.

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to feeding your dog. There are great quality kibbles and wet foods to choose from or you can prepare a home prepared raw diet right in your own kitchen.
A raw diet is the most natural and healthiest choice for your dogs but we know that isn't always practical for everyone to do.

This website is great at giving you the real information and quality rating on most dry and wet foods on the market. See where your dog's food stands and consider switching to a better quality food.

Here are a few websites in regards to raw feeding:

Myths and facts about raw feeding

Practical answers to practical questions about raw feeding.

Information on raw feeding, health and recipes.

This forum is dedicated to Raw Feeding, discussing dog food brands and providing guidance and information to raw food beginners.

Prey Model Raw

Raw feeding Calculator for determining how much to feed.



Pet Insurance

The research team compiled a list of 22 pet insurance companies and then selected 12 of the best to review based on 52 pet insurance features.


For pet owners, the inability to find pet friendly housing is one of the leading causes of animal abandonment. You can modify your search for just pet friendly housing on this website by checking the “Pet Policy” option from the “Advanced” tab at the top of the page.With over 1.8 million listings nationwide, and a breakdown of the neighborhoods in each city, this is a wonderful free resource for pet owners to use to find pet friendly housing.

Pet safety around your home. How to pet proof your home.

Looking to move into an apartment but having trouble finding one that allows your pet? This website locates apartments that allows Cats, small dogs and Large dogs in your area! Pass along to friends and family who are trying to move with pets. One of the biggest reasons dogs and cats are abandoned is because people move into non-petfriendly housing...

Missing or found a pet?

Lost My Doggie is a great website to help broadcast your lost or found pet to local vet clinics, animal shelters, businesses and your neighbors. Be sure to mention Rotts 'n Pups Rescue as your referrer to help us collect donations and credit so we can help more dogs. Our Rescue name will be located under the state of Georgia. Thank you.

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