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We got Diamond in 2009 from Lyons County, Ga.  She was about 2 years
old.  Severe flea allergies and demodex mange.  We got Diamond all
happy and healthy in several months and adopted her out to a lovely


Just some of the lucky doggies who now have great homes!

Minnie, now Sandy, was adopted in November 2010 and now lives on City Island, NY.  Is this puppy lucky or what?


Mugs was saved from a high-kill facility in SC in 2010 but now lives the good life on the Jersey shore!  This was his first Independence Day celebration.  

Sugar now Cali adopted in 2010.

Doc & Dewy were adopted together by a wonderful family up north.

Doc & Dewy as adults are still as tightly bonded as ever! These brothers never spend time apart.

Daisy was rescued from a life of being a breeder dog for a dog fighting ring. Lucky for her she was rescued off her chain as a puppy before she was old enough to be bred. This spunky girl lives a good life up north with her adoptive mom.

Boyd now Wadi enjoys hiking with his people.

Scout loves to go to the ocean! 


Mickey, now Bailey, was adopted in November 2010 and now lives in upstate New York.  We don't get snow like this in Georgia!

Zillie and her puppies: Zillie was rescued from a state park in GA where she was for at least 2 days before help arrived! Everyone thought she was viscous due to being a rottweiler and because of this no one would help her. 15 days after being rescued by her now owners on Valentines Day, she gave birth to a litter of rottweiler puppies. Instead of selling the babies her new owners contacted Rotts 'n Pups Rescue so the puppies would find Wonderful homes. Zillie was clearly a breeder dog and had had at least 3 litters before the age of 4. She is now part of a family and still goes hiking at the same park she was rescued from.

Annie is one of Zillie's puppies all grown up. She lucked out with a loving family and her very own human brother! Annie has grown up to look just like her mother.

Mya giving her mother Zillie a kiss at their first reunion after Mya had been adopted as a puppy. Mya and her boxer brother are spoiled rotten!

Bella & Axel: Bella is one of Zillie's puppies and Axel came from another litter surrendered to Rotts 'n Pups Rescue a few months after Bella had been adopted. Bella's owners were so pleased with their rescue pup that they came back looking to adopt again! Axel and Bella are spoiled and every once in a while meet up with Zillie to play at the local dog park.

Diesel is also one of Zillie's puppies and is all grown up now! He has a few health issues but is getting the help he needs with donations raised both by his amazing family and Rotts 'n Pups Rescue.

Max is one of Zillie's sons and is living a comfortable life with his family.

Bryn was adopted by Ed Feins, who has been voted by his peers as one of the top dentists in New Jersey! The award will be written up in the 2012 June or July issue of the New Jersey Monthly.

Bugsy now Alfie was adopted and returned twice but for this little guy the third times the charm and he is living in the lap of luxury down in FL!

Bruno came to the rescue with entropion an extremely painful condition where the eye lids turn inward and scratch the eyes. Rotts 'n Pups Rescue made sure he received the corrective surgery he needed to live a pain free life. Bruno is a laid back boy and after months of waiting, he finally found the perfect home where he is the only child and is spoiled like he deserves. The first photo is his BEFORE picture at animal control.
Gabby & Lucy were adopted by their foster parents and are now living the good life where they have more cloths to dress up in than most people!

Shena was surrendered to animal control because her owner was moving out of the country. Shena had plenty of spunk left for a 10yr old senior and this attracted her adoptive family to her! She is now with a caring family to live out her golden years.

Jackie was rescued from a life on a tow chain where she had been neglected for years and only fed one cup of food a day. Now she enjoys spending the holidays with her human brother dressing up! She went from sleeping in a run down dog house to sleeping in the bed with her favorite little boy.

Tank loves his human sister!

Little Buckaroo living the sweet life in CA! He gets to go to the beach and enjoys going on adventures with his parents.

LuLu now Panda in her new Ralph Lauren polo that her daddy had to get for her.

Joanie at home in CT.

Heart. From her Familiy: " We think, no, we know she is fully acclimated!!!! She has not gotten into any trouble, yet! But we don't think it will happen. She is actually teaching the others a thing or two. Thank you again for a wonderful addition."

Zora now Annie loving her new life!

Brody now Chance Enjoys playing with his human siblings and going on adventure.

Tiny, now Lilly had been neglected and starved all through puppyhood and this had stunted her growth. She was brought back to perfect health and found a home up north.
Mocha now Grizzle(brown dog) and her sister Java were adopted together as pups!

Rascal. This is what her family had to say about him " Thought you might like to see a recent picture of Rascal with his number one human!! He moved up to us in September of 2010. He's loving life on the farm here in NY State."

Angie and her family! Angie is still part of the rescue as she is a wonderful teacher to the puppies that come through. She teaches them doggie manners and how to play nicely.

Pluto is one of Angie's puppies all grown up! He is in a loving family who just adores him!

Redford was very unhappy living in a kennel but once he was adopted and made an inside dog, he calmed right down and is loved by his family.

Trina was adopted by a family in SC and now enjoys the good life!

Jinx now Clover enjoys a pampered lifestyle any dog (or Human) would be envious of! Clover came from the same litter as CJ, Bugsy, Sonny, and Chico.

Curly Jane AKA CJ in her Christmas dress. CJ came from the same litter as Jinx, Bugsy, Sonny, and Chico.

Sonny now Winston came from the same litter as Jinx, Bugsy, CJ, and Chico. Winston is spoiled rotten just like his siblings!

Shorty is a handsome fellow who was adopted by the family who was hosting the spend the night PAWty during a transport up north. Shorty was headed to his foster home but didn't quite make it that far!

Odis is the center of attention in his new family!

Freeman, now Archie was rescued by Rotts 'n Pups from a life on a chain. He was just an 11lb puppy when he was rescued.

Freeman now Archie as an adult! He now spends his days playing with his friends at the dog park! He is one lucky pooch!

Amore now Sadie. This is what her adoptive mom has to say about her: "She has been a true pleasure even at her teething, energetic puppy stage!  I have never felt so complete and happy.  Her face lights up my day and I look forward to every minute I spend with her." 

Faith and her litter mates (Hope and Charity) were found by a Good Samaritan right after being dumped on the side of the road in a trash bag. Faith is now a member of a family where she participates in all the family events and she is adored by her human siblings.

Belinda now Linda and Bobbi are siblings separated at adoption. Bobbi was adopted by her family as a puppy while Belinda waited until she was an adult to find her family who just so happened to have adopted her sister Bobbi a year earlier!

Lilth Adopted in 2011. This is what her family has to say about her: "Lilith has been such a blessing in our life.. everyone has said how well behaved she is, how great she is with kids, I could not have asked for a better pup!"

Zeke, this is what his mom has to say about him: " Thank you for all of your help adopting Zeke. He's a great boy and already feels like he's been a part of the family for a long time. Roxy and Zeke have become especially close!"

Mason Loves going on adventures with his family.

Kate is always the subject of her parents photography.

Ivy still loves going on hiking adventures with her family!

Harley on his first boating trip! 

Jack "He doing great and we quickly fell in love with him. He's so precious and playful. He loves his squeaky toys and maps on the couch. Thanks again for blessing us with this great little guy. :)"

Hudson & Freckles: Hudson had been with RNPR for over 2 years and had been adopted and returned a few times. He finally found a home with an amazing family who thinks he is perfect! Freckles was adopted by the same family who adopted Hudson. They just fell in love with her beautiful Merle markings and just couldn't go home without her.

Gizmo and Tahoe adopted together (different litters) as puppies. They love their daddy and he loves them!
Hutch. This is what his mom had to say "I adopted Hutch here from Rotts 'n Pups Rescue a little over two years ago, and we couldn't be happier with our little man! He's the best :)"

Ike. These two handsome fellas are a perfect match!

Lucky. Lucky's original home sadly burned down and his owners weren't able to keep him. Lucky is truly LUCKY now and enjoys going to doggy day care when his parents are at work. The employees love Lucky just as much as his family does!

fka Milo
Loving life with his family.



We saved Bruno at the last minute from a very high kill facility in Georgia. He was certainly a goner because of all his medical issues (heartworms, entropion, hair loss, severely underweight, etc.). It's amazing that this boy was even alive. Well, once we saved him we had to take the best care of him. After he put on some weight we were able to have him neutered and at the same time correct his entropion condition. After months of waiting, Bruno found the perfect home where he is the only child and spoiled rotten! He even has his own set of stairs to get up on the bed.

BEFORE Surgery:

After Surgery:

Fully Healed:

2014 Updates

Oliver (fka Wolfie).
"Celebrated Oliver's (formally Wolfie) 1st birthday this past Sunday in NJ! Can't believe it has been almost a year since we rescued him! So grateful to Rotts 'n Pups Rescue for bringing him to us! -Kate and Robert".
Oliver is the brother of Dakota in the Bio below.

Dakota, Sister of Oliver
"Our beautiful rescue pup Dakota (aka Beetle) turned 1 today. She has been an amazing puppy & a wonderful addition to our family!"

Ellie Mae

"3 months ago this Wednesday we adopted Nero from you. This picture is from this Memorial Day weekend with his cousin Chili Dog the pug. So glad we were able to adopt Nero from you guys and give him his furever home!!!"

Mystic fka Flo
Memorial Day weekend 2014, Mystic "fka Flo" 1st one in the pool!!!!!!

Yeager and Soli (fka Maggie)
"Jager is the most amazing puppy ever. He loves all people, other dogs and our cat Holly. He especially loves kids and comes to the daycare we own whenever possible.
Soli (formerly Maggie) is doing great!"

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