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ROTTS 'N PUPS RESCUE - Application to Foster

Name:____________________________________________________   Date:_________________________________


Home Phone:____________________   Cell Phone:____________________   Email:__________________________

1.  How long have you lived at the above address?

2.  Do you live in a:  House_____   Apartment_____   Condo_____   Townhouse_____   Duplex_____

                             Mobile Home_____   Other_____(please explain)

3.  Do you own your home?

4.  If not, does your lease allow pets?

    Please list landlord/leasing company name and phone number.

5.  What type of dogs are you able to foster?  Adult_____   Puppy_____   Other_____

6.  Are you able to foster small_____, medium_____, large_____   dogs?

7.  Have you ever fostered for another organization in the past?  If yes, which one?

8.  What is the age of the person submitting this application?

9.  Do you live with your parents or other relatives?

10. Are you in active military service?

11. Are you in college?  _____   If yes, full time_____   or part time_____

12. Are you currently employed?   _____   If yes, full time_____   or part time_____

     If yes, what is your employer's name and phone number?

13. Is your spouse currently employed?   _____  If yes, full time_____   or part time_____

     If yes, what is your spouse's employer's name and phone number?

14. How many people live in your household?

15. What are the ages of household members? (excluding yourself)

16. Does any member of the household have allergies to pets?

17. How many hours are you/your family out of the house during a typical work day?

18. Will an adult be home during the day?

19. Who will be responsible for taking care of the foster pet?

20. If fostering a puppy:

    a) What procedures will you use for housebreaking?

    b) How will you handle chewing or destructive behavior?

21. If fostering an adult dog:

    a) How will you handle any behavioral issues that may arise?

    b) What kind of exercise will this dog get?

22. Have you ever adopted from a Humane Society, Rescue or Shelter?  If yes, which one?

23. How many dogs and/or cats have you owned in the past five years?  Dogs_____   Cats_____

     Where are these pets now?

24. Have you ever turned in an animal to a shelter?  If yes, under what circumstances?

25. Have you ever had to give up one of your own pets?  If yes, under what circumstances?

26. Has an animal died on your premises of distemper, parvo or unknown causes in the past twelve  

     months?  If yes, please explain.

27. Do you currently own any pets?  If yes, please list what they are, names, ages, sex and breeds.

28. Do your pets live indoors/outdoors or both?

29. Are/were their shots up to date?

30. Are/were all spayed or neutered?

31. Are/were your dogs on heartworm preventative?  If yes, which one?

32. What is the name and phone number of the vet clinic you currently use (or used to use)?

33. Why do you want to foster for our group?

34. Are you able to provide good quality food for your foster?

35. Are you able to provide flea/tick and heartworm preventative (for adult) foster dogs?

36. Will your foster pet live indoors_____   outdoors_____   both_____

     Where will your foster pet sleep?

37. Is there a yard available?  

     If yes, is it completely fenced in?

     If yes, how tall is the fence?  

     What type of fencing?  Chain link_____   Privacy_____   Cattle Wire_____   Other_______________

     Is there a dog house?

38. What will you do with your foster if/when you go on vacation?

39. Are there any specific breeds which you will NOT foster?

40. Are you or any members of your family afraid of any breeds?

41. Is there an area in your home which can be used to isolate your foster in case he/she breaks with

     kennel cough or other contagious condition?  If yes, please describe.

42. Would you object to an authorized representative of Rotts 'n Pups Rescue to inspect your home?

43. Please provide two personal references (name, phone number, relation to you) who are NOT 

     members of your household:____________________________________________________________________


I authorize a representative of Rotts 'n Pups Rescue to contact the veterinarian office named above to confirm the medical records/history of my current and/or past pets.




Signature of Applicant


Rotts 'n Pups Rescue is always looking for reliable, loving and safe foster homes.  The more foster homes we have the more animals we can save and find forever homes for.  Foster homes are desperately needed in metro Atlanta and areas close to North Haledon, NJ.


If your home is approved to foster for us we will give you all the support that you need.  Rotts 'n Pups Rescue will provide your foster will all medical and veterinary care necessary.  If you are unable to provide flea/tick and heartworm prevention we will supply those as well.


Rotts 'n Pups Rescue reserves the right to remove the foster animal(s) from your home if we deem it necessary.


Please copy & paste this application into a word document, fill it out and email back to or fax to 770-992-9747.


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