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Meet Anja and her puppies!


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Anja was brought to a kill shelter only days away from giving birth.  A desperate plea went out to rescue her before her babies were born.  That day (Thursday, April 16th), she had 9 tiny puppies at the shelter.  The family had until noon on Monday to be rescued, or they would be put to sleep.  Rotts 'n Pups Rescue frantically searched for a foster.  Two amazing volunteers and rescuers, Gerald and Melissa, came forward for the family and picked them up just in time on Monday afternoon

Anja and her babies were covered in fleas, and Anja was terrified and in poor shape physically.  She was extremely underweight with substantial hair loss from flea damage.  Four of Anja's sweet puppies passed away in their first few weeks of life due to a rough start and Anja's malnourished, poor physical health.  Today, after several weeks, we are happy to report that Anja and her five puppies happy and heathy thanks to their new foster parents.  The puppies will be fostered in Georgia until the end of June, at which time they will be fully vetted and ready for their forever homes in the northeast with Rotts 'n Pups Northern Rescue (our NJ division).  They will travel north on a private, volunteer transport.

With the help of all our volunteers Anja's puppies have all bee adopted!  Anja still needs a home, and is currently being fostered in NJ.
All donations will go towards direct care and vet expenses for Anja.

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Donations can also be mailed. Checks should be made out to "Irina Clow" and mailed to:

Irina Clow, Rott 'n Pups Rescue
Alacarte Catering
8610 Roswell Rd, Suite 510
Sandy Springs, Ga 30350

Thank you for supporting our newest Rotts 'n Pups family!

A special thanks to Gerald and Melissa for saving these beautiful lives.

 Also a big thanks to Mary Blake for sponsoring the whole litter!  

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